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Vibrant way of life

As you may have noticed, I’m obviously not Nate Berkus. While he’s super adorable, we don’t share the same philosophy or aesthetic. My apologies for any disappointment.

You’ll hire me because you love the Spanish and Latin cultures and want to bring it tastefully into your home.

Hacienda Chic goes way beyond Mexican details. It gives you permission to be bold. To live on the edge with your interiors. To deliver the unexpected.

If this already gets you excited to start a conversation with our team, visit our process page to learn more about what it’s like to work with us!

Ashley Astleford


What clients are saying…

“Ashley Astleford did a fantastic job on a project for us. From the Project Management to the Creative Design Aspects, she did a first class job. She kept the project on time and maintained the budget. I could only recommend her for my next projects.”

– Mark Molthan, BUILDER

“In 2010, I had the lovely experience of competing with Ashley on Showhouse Showdown on HGTV. We had seen each other around the Dallas Design Community but didn’t know each other that well. Through the course of this experience, we became very close. Ashley’s signature Hacienda Chic style was favored by the voters.

Ashley is a true southern belle. She is beautiful, well mannered, and a gracious person. We still keep in touch. I love the fact she has a look that is distinctly her own and clients flock to her for that aesthetic and style.

I highly recommend Ashley for your next Hacienda Chic home.”


Country Sampler BOHO Style Magazine, written by Barbara Jacksier
Photographed by Dan Piassick (Interiors) and Amanda Parét Inman (tabletop)

Interior designer Ashley Astleford thinks “neutral” is a dirty word. “Stark,” “pale”, and “monochromatic aren’t usually in her vocabulary either. Instead, her signature style, which she calls Hacienda Chic, goes beyond design clichés and brings bold elements to any space.

“My goal is to mix modern and Mexican elements into a sophisticated balanced look,” Ashley explains. The designer, who loves Latin and Spanish fashion, food, and antiques, splits her time between Dallas and Southern California.

“Hacienda style terra cotta roofs, stucco walls, and tile floors work particularly well in these hot climates,” she says, “but the patterns and colors found in Mexican culture are relevant in every climate.”

It’s easy to see from Ashley’s work how unexpected color makes a room come alive. Giving a prominent role to one bold hue in a room revitalizes the space. She uses pillows with punch, candles in a glowing red, and patterned fabrics to highlight a Mexican palette.

Mixing carved wood and hand painted tiles with furniture of a different style or region works — because with Hacienda Chic  style, there just aren’t a lot of rules. Those who love white-on-white décor should look elsewhere – but for the rest of us, Ashley’s signature style offers a fiesta of great ideas!